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As a new season of Forensics begins, competitors and coaches and enthusiasts alike are all preparing for this year's batch of excellent performances.  Who are the performers to watch?  Which pieces will succeed?  It is all unknown currently, but that is part of the fun of a new, fresh season.  Guessing and watching competitors grow.

However, speechies and debaters should not forget the past.  Every season is an evolution of the one prior.  That said, ForCom has been sleuthing around the YouTube universe to try to collect all of the past speeches, performances, and debates available.  Obviously, this is a continuous and never ending process of expansion for the Channel.  Presently, there are hundreds of videos collected to watch, learn, and be entertained.

Further, ForCom posts its own videos of advice, help, and general fun (sometimes even corny fun).  Suggestions on topics you would like covered?  Leave a comment and you shall receive :)

The Forensics Community Channel.  Enjoy!


Thanks for this! It’s nice to have a bunch of videos all together to flip through and watch.

Pretty good vids about prose/verse binders. Has a LOT of the basic information that you learn after doing those events for awhile--things I wish I knew earlier on, ha! The tourney attire one…..pretty silly and fun :)

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