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Are you a dedicated debater trying to find debate news from across the country, if not the world?  Have you been having a hard time finding coaches' blogs that give you an insider view into a particular organization?  Your search is over.  The Forensics Community has discovered a source that might be what you are looking for.  

The First Affirmative, a website managed by Georgia Forensics, is a portal of debate knowledge.  Using many sites listed on the Colloquy directory (perhaps you remember them?), The First Affirmative collects news articles/blogs from a variety of sources and highlights them on their front page.  Find an article or blog you are interested in (The First Affirmative provides a helpful teaser), click the link provided, then read and comment away. 

Updates are made daily, so you will always be on-top of what leaders in Debate are saying.  A few of the blogs/news sources The First Affirmative follows are Global Debate, The 3NR, Victory Briefs Daily, and soon The Forensics Community.  With a total of 17 contributors, you will never be short of information.  It's quick, it's easy, and it saves you the hassle of having five blogs bookmarked.   

Interested?  Click here and explore Debate from The First Affirmative.   


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Very good entry. Anticipating the next one.

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