Extemporaneous and the Black Box..

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I hold much respect for the Extemper. You guys do an event most people either know nothing about or know enough to realize they would rather cry than get involved--I honestly rank Extemp as one of the more difficult events due to everything involved. I admire the skills you posses and salute your passion!

I do want to know though: that black box is the key to your success. What are some ways you guys organize them and what are key pieces of support you would always keep in the box?

Details please! Thank you!

Okay, I don't do extemp, but I feel the same way you do about the event. I also picked-up from the few extempers I know that they never organize by source. At least, most don't.

The extempers on my team would organize by category and then divide that category up into sub-categories. Like, Economics would be the main, and then something like a grouping of related countries could be a sub category of that.

This isn't necessarily the way that most people do it, as I am the only person doing extemp at my school, but this tends to work for me.I usually keep everything digitally, and then bring in some of the more recent print editions of some news magazines, sort of as a fail safe. I save articles in DropBox, save them to my phone in case of technological problems, and name them based on keywords. For example, if an article is about Eric Cantor leaving Congress, I would name it something like "Eric Cantor GOP Mid-Term Elections". That way when I search for any one of those things in competition, that article will come up. I hope that answered your question :D

It's been so long since I've seen an Extemp round, I forgot to take into account everyone going digital.

What sort of regulations do they place on you in CA about using technology in Extemp? Do they have "old school/classic" tourneys where you're not allowed to use technology?

Not that I've been to. You're allowed a laptop but no internet. Some judges will allow you a phone but as they have data they're normally out of the question. Most people use DropBox or just download articles directly. I use a widget on google chrome that allows you to convert a webpage into a PDF, which I download to DropBox.

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