Enter the "what the..." moment

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There are moments in speech/debate where "amusing" and "embarrassing" do not cover it. There are certain situations you fall into that leave you baffled and your head at a tilt.

My very first year of speech I was doing Humorous Duet Acting. In IL we are allowed to have a table and two chairs as properties. A pal of mine and I were doing a cutting of Alice In Wonderland. I was a female Humpdy Dumpdy and my friend was Alice. I spent the majority of the piece kneeling/laying/spinning on the table (which is legal, you just can't stand). One competition we had to use this obnoxious, old table that crinkled with every movement I made. Annoying? Yes. Capable of coping with? Of course. Or so we thought. After the round, my pal and I laughed at the state of the table. We weren't laughing later though when we got our comments from that tourney. Apparently, the judge we had with the talkative table thought I had tick-tacks in my pocket. She literally wrote "next time you compete, take the tick-tacks out of your pocket, thanks!" Seriously? Everyone knows the tick-take sound. Seinfeld made a running gag of it on an episode. That was not a tick-tack sound. Plus, my pants visibly did not have pockets (light-tan suit, no faux-pockets). Let's just say we were not too happy that our lowest round score was due to non-existent mints.

My very first "what the..." moment of many. haha!

forensics can be difficult enough as is, the last thing we need are judges who simply get things wrong. thats too bad. perhaps a lesson to never assume anything with regards to judges. maybe a quick friendly note to the judge after the round apologizing about the table would have solved the situation. oh well, these things happen!

yeah, that's a weird situation. do you apologize while you're taking your seat for the condition of the table? like make a joke out of it?

haha, it's funny too how what one person seems as "obvious" is not to another and misinterpreted!

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