Ending of Mother 3, How do I portray a video game world?

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So hi. I'm new. Nice to meet you. Anyway, I was planning on doing a video game for a DI. It counts because it's a screenplay and screenplays count :) As I was saying, how do I do that? There's only talking from one character and that's the penultimate boss character. Do I make up lines for the other characters as well? How I am supposed to do a boss fight? The video game is Earthbound by the way (yes my username I know). I'm doing the final fight scene with Porky and Giygas

Also, while on the subject. Does a parody of something (like a television show or an abridged) without a published script be done for HI?

Hi, Ness_Earthbound!
In general, you need to check with your league about what their policies are with scripts for events. Some leagues are stricter than others with what's allowed. There might be a percentage you are allowed to screw around with the actual script and the changing of lines. There might not be. I would say no to making up lines for other characters. If you can "re-distribute" lines from one character to another, or from one scene to another, then you might have something. If that's not possible, you might be left with a monologue style DI where you pop to a silent character. If you do that, make sure your silent character has HUGE expressions and great body language.

If not saying it can't be done, but you will have a bit of a challenge ahead of you. I'm personally unfamiliar with Earthbound, but you might be able to come up with something with creativity. Again, check with your league's rules to see what you have to play around with.

As for the boss fight, that's just going to come down to tight blocking and extreme practice of popping.

Good luck! I would love to see a video of this on the site if you get it off its feet and running.

I don't know if that parody idea is possible...I would think a script is required. I'm fairly certain I remember my coach having to turn in scripts at later tourney competitions to validate them as being "legal?" I could be wrong. And I know my league wouldn't have let me make up lines for characters like that.

But maybe your league is more laid-back! Or maybe you have an event that allows for more flexibility? OR maybe you can create your own original script involving those game characters, make it a comedy, and do OC?

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