Duo no-no - dating your partner

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Never happened to me, but I had a teammate who dated her duo partner. Luckily, their relationship lasted through the speech season and they stayed friendly enough to not cause scenes the next one. (No, they were not partners the next year!) They competed fine together when they were an item. But what would have happened if they had broken-up during the season!? That might have been incredibly awkward at best, the end of a duo (which is a loss for them AND the team) at worst. It just seems like a very risky gamble.

Have you, or would you ever, date your duo partner?

I would never ever date a partner. My ex partner is dating her new partner and that could go downhill fast. It could be a distraction, or you could break up and be screwed with no partner, or you could be too nervous to perform at your best with them watching you. Honestly dating anyone on your team should be a no-no. Our coach tried to even make it a rule but it didn't stop anyone.

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