Drama overload?

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As someone who mostly did Humorous Interpretation, I have to ask: DI people, how do you keep your energy and positive spirits up all day with the constant drama? Do you listen to upbeat music between rounds? Make it a point to laugh with friends from your team? How taxing is it to be in a room full of sad stories all day long?

I did DI for two years and it can be pretty taxing. Since I'm a generally happy person (surprisingly), I didn't have much trouble staying in good spirits. However, it does take a toll on your energy level, so I do jumping jacks between rounds. I don't know what other people do, but this works for me! Oh! After these two years, I've also become a bit more immune to sad things as a side effect. It just takes a little more to actually make me cry than it used to. I hope this satisfied your curiosity!

haha, thanks! I'll have to share that advice with some younger people I know who are starting DI!

When I first started doing DI, I was way to emotionally invested...it made me so sad. I just learn to not let the pieces get to me.

It's like there's a paradox between "connecting with your piece," yet trying not to get too emotionally invested because it is taxing.

Never thought of this with DI before.

I've been doing DI for three years, and the pieces I choose are very close to me, so it is tiring, but I have my friends and my music to help

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