Dr. Scott Deatherage, Farewell

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This December 25th, 2009 a Forensics legend passed away. Dr. Scott Deatherage, named “Coach of the Decade” of the 1990s, died after being on life support due to several complications. Notably, rupturing of blood vessels around the esophagus, a gastric ulcer, and going into cardiac arrest from the previously listed problems left him in such a weakened state, that despite several operations, he was lost. Dr. Deatherage was involved in NFL Debate since he was a high school student, and he followed his passion of Debate throughout his life.

Earning a Doctorate in Communications from Northwestern University, he chose to flourish within his alma mater where he was the director of the Debate Society and served as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies. Under his lead, the Debate Society cultivated seven National Debate Tournament Champions.

Also, while working at Northwestern Dr. Deatherage earned several awards, including: the George W. Zigelmueller National Debate Tournament Coach of the Year award in 2007 and was named the Pelham National Coach of the Year in 2003. In January of 2008 Dr. Deatherage was proclaimed the Executive Director of the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL). The NAUDL serves as a linking and strengthening tool for Urban Debate Leagues across the country.

Through the promotion of Urban Debate Leagues to youths located in low-income areas, the struggle to close the academic gap is possible. Involvement in debate is an excellent way to prepare underprivileged teens for college by improving their academic and leadership skills.

Dr. Deatherage will be missed throughout Debate. Whether remembered for his remarkable coaching at Northwestern University, or for his heartfelt devotion to the NAUDL, Dr. Deatherage was a prominent figure in Debate who was, arguably, just venturing into his most noble work—spreading Debate, knowledge, and promise of a future to a youth very few truly care for. For more information on Scott Deatherage, please see below: http://www.communication.northwestern.edu/faculty/?PID=ScottDeatherage http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/scott-deatherage-passes-awa... http://www.nflonline.org/Main/Deatherage

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