Do you belong in Speech or Debate?

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What competitive event do you belong in? Are you a born debater or speechie? Even though both activities have their own pros and cons, simply looking at a list of those will not help you decide which one to do. The thing is, if you love and enjoy something the cons do not matter. It comes down to this: what are you interested in and who are you? Do you A) like to be lawyer-like, logical, and get into arguments? Or B) are you the type of person who wants to get better at public speaking or acting in a prepared setting? Whichever one you lean towards is probably the activity for you.

Follow the white rabbit and go down the rabbit hole to discover which event is right for you!


(Note: This was a joint effort with one Caitlin Dewey. Thanks!)

I agree. There are going to be cons regardless of what you do and that applies to life in general. Go for what you love and work through the times of drudgery when they come.

This was really fun to do, thanks! I just wish it were more noticeable on the site's homepage so that more people could find it.

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