Differences between NFL and State Associations

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Ah. Competition. One word that will never grow old, that will never die-competition. As I'm sure all of you know, the activity thus named "Forensics" is all about just that. We have tournaments as a means of competition, and the vast majority of these tournaments are sanctioned by the NFL-the National Forensics League. The NFL events (Extemperaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Duo, Poetry, Prose, Humerous Interpratation, Dramatic Interpratation, Impromptu) are the norm at most all copetitions, but sometimes go by different names.

Many non NFL events are the most beloved according to which communication association they are governed by. Here is a look at the common events and rules for the events in my state, Arkansas. .Original Oratory -Commonly called Oratory -4-6 minutes long, must be original work of preformer, script allowed but shouldn't be used excessively.

.Extemperaneous Speaking -Commonly called Extemp -Draw and rules same as NFL, 4-6 minutes long .Poetry -4-6 minutes, script allowed, must be poetic .Prose -4-6 minutes, script allowed, must be published non-poetic literature .Duo -Commonly called Duet -4-6 minutes, must be memorized (Here is where it gets a little different) .Humerous Interpratation/Dramatic Interpratation -Lumped in to the same group -Commonly called HI/DI (HY-dy) -4-6 minutes, script allowed .Solo -4-6 minute monologue, all one actor acting one character .Storytelling -4-6 minutes, must be memorized -Preformance of a storytale .Improvised Duet Acting -Commonly called Improv -Draw similar to extempt, except with random topics -2 actors must create a 4-6 minute skit -Usually the funniest, can be pretty inappropriate :) .Mime -1-3 actors -No speech, no physical contact -Instrumental music and sound effects may be used

We don't have Declamation or Impromptu We also have group events for a whole school to preform. .Words and Music -2 or more actors -8-10 minute cutting from a musical -Props/Costumes can be used, but shouldn't override preformance .Readers Theatre -2 or more actors -8-10 minute cutting from a play -Props/Costumes can be used, but shouldn't override preformance Those are some of our events that aren't NFL. What are some in your states/leagues?

Mime? I have heard of it but never looked-up what it detailed. Interesting. I would totally try that.

In Illinois we do have Dec. We also have an event called Original Comedy. It's basically the same as HI except you write your own material. It's one of the most popular events on the IHSA circuit. We also divide Interp and Duo into Dramatic and Humorous categories (so we have Humorous Interpretation/Dramatic Interp. and Humorous Duet Acting/Dramatic Duet Acting).

Thanks for posting this. It's fun to learn about different events in other states. At least, I think it's fun, haha!

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Wow, I like that setup! Original pieces would be great, in AR the only ones we can write are Oratory and Mime.


Mime is quite hard, but very fun. Really good ones are incredibly impressive, but bad ones can be a total flop!

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