Detroit Urban Debate needs your help!

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Hello everyone,

I want to pass along a message from Detroit Urban Debate Education's Mimi Karabulut:

Detroit Urban Debate Education, the University of Michigan's non-profit urban debate league, is currently in an on-line voting contest for $10,000 that will go to scholarships, tournaments, and building urban debate in a city that has been badly wrecked by the current economic downturn.

They are currently SECOND overall in their sprint. Please take the time to visit the link below and help them out:

I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes of their time to register and vote - this is the chance for our community to show how much it values building and sustaining new programs. I have personally done volunteer work as a judge for the Los Angeles Metro Debate League, and I can attest that urban debate is a fantastic tool for providing educational opportunities to students who would otherwise be unable to obtain them. Urban debate leagues have been shown to dramatically increase not just high school graduation rates, but post-secondary matriculation rates as well.

Thank you for your support.

- Nick

How did Detroit do? Did it get enough votes?!

Poor Detroit. This is just one more thing that's suffering in that area.

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