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Is declamation an actual event at tournaments you attend? I had never heard of it until I went on to Is it basically interpreting a famous speech- like an oratory, but not original? Where is declamation considered an official event?

hey iluvrascalflatts,

Declamation is an actual event at many tournaments. Declamation is basically delivering a speech that was written and delivered by someone else. You can use any speech that was once delivered in public. Technically, it's an official event of the National Catholic Forensics League. It's usually for Freshmen and Sophomores.

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iluvrascalflatts, I grew-up in Illinois, and the tourneys I competed in have Declamation. Actually, Dec. is one of the 12 categories for IHSA (Illinois High School Association--which is in charge of regulating state sports and activities). I wasn't in the Catholic League, as I went to public school, but the tourneys in Illinois allow the Catholic League to compete with the state-run IHSA competitions. It's a pretty cool event and a nice way to ease yourself into Original Oratory because the source material is already there. The downside is finding speeches that are good and not over-used can be tricky. Who knows if the judge has seen that piece done by the original speaker!? As far as the event being mainly for Freshmen and Sophomores, I agree that as you do not create original content speech coaches would tend to start off novices in this event. But I have seen people who love public speaking do both OO and Dec. all four years in their speech career.

Funny note about Declamation:
You know how at tourney award ceremonies they call the next event up to be on-deck? Declamation has the BEST call up there...Dec. on-deck, haha! I think it's mildly humorous...

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