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Hi.So I'll perform declamation next week and I really need your advice.Can you help me?:) plssss...

Hi trisha!

Since I don't really know where you are in the Declamation process, here is some general advice and link to a BUNCH of free articles that will help.

1. STAY CALM. It's the start of a season, everyone is new to either their piece or speech or even both, so no one is expecting perfection. Keep a positive attitude, know it will get better, and enjoy yourself.

This page has a bunch of how to's and advice on pretty much every general question you can ask about Declamation. In fact, there are articles for most every speech event under "Speech" at the top of ForCom's page if you branch out into other events :)

3. The biggest concern you should have for the first time out with a dec. is to have it memorized. Read, re-read, work on memorizing larger and larger chunks, etc. until you have it down. If you forget a section, freeze, or switch-up parts during your performance, DO NOT WORRY. Try to act as if everything is normal, that nothing went wrong, and move on without dwelling on the slip-up. It happens.

4. Make sure you have some basic blocking and hand gestures down. You want to move at a few locations where the piece is moving on to a new point or for emphasis. Gesture to enhance your delivery. Try to vary your hand gestures, keep them natural, and try not to over or under do them. Do little makes you look stiff. Too many like you have no idea what to do with yourself. It will take time to get this down and integrated into your performance so it looks natural and subliminally enhances your dec., but it will happen with practice.

5. Never forget to work on enunciation and projection. It pains judges and competitors to have to sit through a performance where they can not either hear or understand the presenter. Side note: be aware of white noise and adjust your volume based on the acoustics and setting of your space.

That's just some basics to help get you through this tourney. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. Someone in ForCom's community will most certainly have advice and suggestions to offer!


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