Debate Coach Douglas Duke Passes Away

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Debate coach Douglas Duke passed away on March 14th, 2010.  A teacher for 46 years, Douglas Duke spent much of his coaching time with the University of Central Oklahoma.  His college coaching career began back in 1962 when he coached at Southeastern State College in Durant, OK.  This is also when he entered into matrimonial debate with his wife of 46 years Bobbie Chapman.  He transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma in 1968 and remained there until his retirement in 2006. 

According to an Oklahoma newspaper, The Oklahoman:

"In addition to many other awards and recognitions, his accomplishments included the following: 1990 - Cross Examination Debate Association National Championship; 1995 - CEDA Special Recognition Award; 1995 - National Cross Examination Debate Association President; 1995 - Pelham National NDT Debate Coach of the Year*; 1996 - National Cross Examination Debate Association Brownlee Award by his peers*; 1996 - Junior Debate National Championship; 1996/1997 - Oklahoma Speech Communication and Theatre Association President; 1998/1999 - Oklahoma Speech Communication and Theatre Association President. (*The only person who has ever won both of these awards)."

Douglas Duke leaves behind a passion for teaching.  Reaching out to students to such an extent he was mostly known by nicknames lovingly bestowed (a sign of a brilliant educator), he forever sought to relate to his students and pass values and humor to them as well as educational facts.  Though he was close with students, his real love was of being a family man.  Until the end, he spent "his retirement years compiling various gifts for his grandchildren to leave them a legacy of his love (Oklahoman)."

Douglas Duke will be forever remembered by his family, not only those of blood relation but of debate and educational bond.  He will be missed. 


Heartfelt words from those Douglas Duke has influenced can be found here.

Click here for the full obituary listed in the Oklahoman.

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we are losing some good people this year

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