To cry or not to cry?

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When I competed I remember seeing a few pieces where people would cry during the performance. Personally, I never could understand that. What is stopping you from getting too emotional and not being able to compete effectively? Watery eyes okay, but tears? I am not a fan.

I had a friend who studied at AMDA-NYC. The professors always said stay away from crying unless it SPECIFICALLY says to do so in the blocking. It is usually more heart-wrenching to watch a character who cannot or will not allow themselves to cry.

Good point! Hadn't thought of that before.


in IHSA you are not allowed to cry. it is considered a prop.

@Ramsey, I did not know that. What happens if someone gets really into the moment and tears up? Not on purpose, but accidentally releases a tear? Is it an automatic DQ?

The rule is if the tear leaves your face you are disqualified. But apparently now it is up to the discretion of the tournament manager, which i don't think is very fair.

I never knew that. Then again, I'm not a crier, so it never concerned me.

It seems problematic to have it at the discretion of the tournament manager. I mean, they weren't even in the room, so they have no idea what happened. Also, why have a rule if it might not mean anything? For a tear to leave your face, you have to be more than just getting misty eyed. And if you know crying is not allowed...then just don't cry.

For NSDA the rules are tears are ok as long as they don’t hit the ground. That’s all I know.

Okay, I compete in IHSA and I always thought that it was a rule you couldn't cry either, so I've always held back the tears, even though they could be incorporated into my piece very well. However, one of my friends from another team has won every single tournament in DI and she cries during every performance, sometimes, the tears even hit the floor so I don't know what's up with that anymore.

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