Congrats Andrew Markoff!

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Bronx High School of Science's Andrew Markoff just bested debate master Steve Gold this past weekend!  Markoff won his 390th debate round and thus has now become the Bronx High School of Science's debater to win the most rounds EVER (Gold ended his reign in 1977 with 389 wins).  Markoff is a senior and president of the Bronx High School of Science's NFL chapter. 

Markoff, working with Zack Elias and Regan Bozman, has been taking titles from major tournaments for years--obviously from his current record-breaking achievement and from the 1,604 NFL points he has amassed.  Examples of Markoff's prowess of debate include his and Elias' Harvard University Round Robin win, a first for Bronx Science, and being a national qualifier and NFL Academic All-American TWICE.  This Policy debater also showed his Lincoln-Douglas skills last year when at his only L-D excursion he took the tournament. 

Gold had held the distinction of being the Bronx Science debater with most wins for 33 years.  Who knows how long it will take someone to topple Markoff? 





(Information found via the NFL's website:


w o w.  That's impressive! 

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