Congrats to the 2010 NDT First Round At-Large Bids

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Back in 1973 the NDT decided that 16 college debate teams could skip district qualifying tournaments and power forward.  The NDT called these First Round At-Large Bids.  Schools are chosen by their performance during the season prior to their district qualifier.  Several days ago the list of 16 was released.  See below:

The University of California:
James Brockaway (Georgetown Day School—Washington, DC)
Rahul Jaswa (Saratoga High School—Saratoga, CA)

Emory University:
Ovais Inamullah (Chattahoochee High School—Alpharetta, GA)
Stephen Weil (The Westminster Schools—Atlanta, GA)

The University of Georgia:
Brittany Cambre (Chattahoochee High School—Alpharetta, GA)
Mike Lacy (Chattahoochee High School—Alpharetta, GA)

Harvard University:
Eli Jacobs (Centerville High School—Dayton, OH)
Alex Parkinson (Olathe Northwest High School—Olathe, KS)

The University of Kansas:
Sean Kennedy (Shawnee Mission East High School—Shawnee, KS)
Dylan Quigley (Wichita High School East—Wichita, KS)
Patrick Kennedy (Shawnee Mission East High School—Shawnee, KS)
Chris Stone (Derby High School—Derby, KS)

The University of Mary Washington:
Kevin Kallmyer (Our Lady of Good Counsel High School—Olney, MD)
Peter Susko (Cathedral Prep School—Erie, PA)

Michigan State University:
Eric Lanning (The Woodlands High School—The Woodlands, TX)
Carly Wunderlich (Brookfield Central High School—Brookfield, WI)

Missouri State University:
Jordan Foley (Little Rock Central High School—Little Rock, AR)
Mike Kearney (Lee’s Summit High School—Lee’s Summit, MO)

Northwestern University:
Matt Fisher (Glenbrook North High School—Northbrook, IL)
Stephanie Spies (Glenbrook North High School—Northbrook, IL)

The University of Oklahoma:
R.J. Giglio (Caddo Magnet High School—Shreveport, LA)
Nick Watts (Heritage Hall School—Heritage Hall, OK)

The University of Texas at Dallas:
Andrew Baker (Shawnee Mission West High School—Overland Park, KS)
Brian Rubaie (Shawnee Mission East High School—Shawnee, KS)

Wake Forest University:
Mike Carlotti (Cathedral Prep School—Erie, PA)
Carlos Maza (Christopher Columbus High School—Miami, FL)
Sam Crichton (Caddo Magnet High School—Shreveport, LA)
Will Sears (Lexington High School—Lexington, MA)

The University of West Georgia:
Tyler Boykin (Fort Lauderdale High School—Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Jim Schultz (Jupiter High School—Jupiter, FL)

Whitman College:
Nate Cohn (Auburn High School—Auburn, WA)
Daniel Straus (Yorktown High School—Arlington, VA)


Thank you Bill Batterman for posting this on The 3NR (

can anyone explain to me why there are first round at-large bids?  i guess you could argue it is to ensure that the top 16 teams that have proven themselves throughout the season be granted the chance to compete at the NDT instead of being knocked out by one bad debate...but still.  shouldn't you have to prove why you're the best by actually competing in your district qualifier? 

just trying to see other people's opinions and play devil's advocate!  personally, i don't care because the underdog teams still get a shot to advance at district qualifiers. :) 


i see both sides of the argument, but there really is nothing you can do to change this practice.  Forensics does it, even sports leagues do it.  it's kind of prevalent.  just take it for what it is--an opportunity for maximum team participation that culminates in a battle royal of Debate!   

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