Competition in the Morning

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Tomorrow I will be attending my first ever, oral interpretation competition. My nerves are getting the best of me & I'd love advice on how to maintain calm. My piece is very emotional & impacting.

Yay you for getting out there and competing! How did you do? Did you keep your cool?

I've always found practicing my piece outside of the room before a round helps to keep me calm and focused. Grab some wall space and work bits you're nervous about, or do a quick run just to warm-up. It also helped me to focus on performing my piece honestly and as best I could to entertain my round and make a "personal best," and not focus on how my rank was going to be. It sort of took away a little of the competition jitters.

Ditto to the practicing outside before a round, talking to a wall advice. That always helped me. I also liked to go back to my team's table for a bit between rounds to god around with my team. That helped to keep the mood light.

Some breathwork before the round can only help. Deep breaths in silence. Light meditation can work wonders. Another approach is to imagine yourself performing.

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