Colloquy: A Forensics Gateway

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If you have been searching the internet for a website with a smorgasbord of links to Forensics information look towards Colloquy.  Started in 2007, Colloquy (as stated by the website) was created "to provide those who participate in competitive high school forensics with a free, well edited, highly organized, and regularly updated directory of forensics-related links."  The site is privately owned, thus not trying to push an agenda on those who browse Colloquy; which is refreshing and reassuring to know links placed there were not bought and have quality.  

Simply put, when you go to Colloquy you will find a directory of Forensics related websites that have been submitted by those in Speech and Debate communities.  Although the site might have a manager, it does rely on YOU to keep links up-to-date, fresh, and above all informative.  Ergo, you will find resources that have been deemed worthy by those who love Forensics.  

The organization and navigation is a cinch.  From the main page click "Forums/Blogs" and listings of blogs for specific teams, general Forensics blogs (where you will find ForCom!), international blogs, general forums, debate centered sites, product and services websites, and coach blogs are all categorized and documented.  

So as you delve deeper into the Forensics realm, check out Colloquy to branch out and acquaint yourself with new resources.

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