Coach appointed partner?

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I've heard of this happening. A coach will appoint two people to be in a duo together. How often does this happen? My team always let you pick your team members. If you didn't come into the event with a partner, our coaches would just tell you who else was looking and let you go from there.

Anyone there get assigned someone, or heavily suggested to be paired with another? How did that work out?

When I was in school, our team had a bit of both. Most of the duo teams picked their partners. However, if our coach noticed that two people had the potential to work really well together, he would suggest that they work together. If it was a newly formed duo, he would often let us do a test run of the chosen piece at a smaller tournament, mainly just to see if we worked well together or if the piece was right for us. I think it worked pretty well for us, but that is just one instance.

Ultimately, I would say that if the coach has a gut feeling about a pairing, he/she may be on to something. It can't hurt to give it a shot for a tournament or two. Usually it will become pretty obvious quickly if the two people have chemistry or not.

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