Biggest Pet-Peeve While Performing

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If your goal at a tournament is to alienate your fellow speechies, then performing this act, or any of its variations, will put a divide between you and someone else.

When I was on speech I found that I was very observant of people while I was performing Prose. Why not? Prose forces the performer to scan the audience and look them in the eye. Well, it is pretty difficult to make eye-contact with someone who is not watching your piece.

That is my number one frustration I had while performing. I would be up there exposing myself to the audience, trying to have a relationship for those eight minutes, and frequently I would see people doodling, sleeping, or absorbed in a colorful distraction placed in the room. I hated it! I worked hard to present this piece to not only the judge, but to the rest of the room! I planned places to stare at an audience member and creep them out with the uncomfortable gaze. I planned for the audience!

And what's worse is I watched everyone else perform. I laughed when needed. I reacted to drama in the piece. I gave some of my energy so they can use it in their performance! Why couldn't those people be involved in mine or at least pretend? Look at me at least and pretend to be involved while your piece runs through your head.

I just always found it disrespectful and mean to walk into a round and not at least pay attention. Everyone does better when the have the support of the masses, and paying attention gives that support. Plus, it's just rude to go to a speech tournament, expect people to care about your piece, and then not show the same love to others.

You are absolutely right! If you are too nervous to pay attention for real and would prefer to mentally prepare for your performance, at least pretend to be watching.

Also, I could do without the gum chewers and texters.

i agree! it's irritating when people sit in a round as if they could care less about what you're doing.

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