Best speech ever?

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Although we have all been blown away at one time or another by competitors in the NFL, I was thinking about some of the best speeches I've ever seen; especially outside of Forensics. I would have to say that the best speech I ever witnessed was Zel Miller's keynote speech at the RNC in 2004. Whether you were for or against President Bush's re-election is completely arbitrary. That night, Zel Miller (D-GA) moved a nation in a way that I have never again seen. His opening line was simple. "I come before you tonight, because my family is more important than my party." To have a democrat stand boldly against his own party and in the public spotlight was simply unprecedented, especially in that arena. He went on to give one of the most persuasive speeches I can or ever will remember.His ability to address the opposition (which was his own party) was so convincing because of his vantage point. If this style was implemented in a debate round at Forensics, that competitor would win hands down. With that said, what are your thoughts? What do you think was the best non-forensics speech you've ever seen? In addition, what could a Forensics student learn from that speech?

I don't know if I can pinpoint one specific speech, but I've gotten into watching stuff on the TED podcast on youtube. There are a bunch of interesting speakers on that channel.

Although, watching Jon Stewart give a speech on the Daily Show when it came back on the air after 9/11 has stuck with me.

Can I get a time machine and watch Abraham Lincoln deliver a speech? Or some of Founding Fathers?

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