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I look back on my years in Oratory and in many ways, cant believe how fast it seemed to go. I have so many memories at the local, state and national level. From the fun times in between rounds to the hotel stays with my team at state tournaments and meeting international students at the national tournament, the memories are endless. And from that came unforgettable lines which were perfectly stated and perfectly timed. With that said, I have decided to list my top 3 favorite lines. Some of them are well-stated and others are flat-out hilarious.

3) A girl was giving her speech about the numerous types of personalities which exist. "There are so many personalities. There are introverts, extroverts, Type A, Type B, Type C what I mean?"

2) A guy at nationals had his introduction about a project hid did on communism. He talked about how he was in charge of the new council. He stated, "Yeah, we even had a motto. It was 'Stop Stalin, Start Lenin your time to the council.'"

1) This is my all-time favorite line. It was stated by Laura Roehl, the 2005 national champion in OO. She talked about the importance of not holding grudges. She recounted a specific story where a girl started talking to the boy she liked and how she ended up "stealing" him from her. She used specific names in her story and ended the flashback extremely upset and with this unforgettable line. "None of the names have been changed because no body is innocent!"

Absolutely loving that "no body is innocent" line!

The communism one is pretty funny. Certainly something I would pass on to my history major pals...though they probably already use a line or two like that now, ha

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