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So my duo partner and I are doing a parody of Alice in Wonderland. We were wondering if anyone knows how to make it look like Alice cut off the Red Queen's head. I am playing the Red Queen and I am reasonably flexible. This is an incredibly odd topic, but we really need a good idea. Any ideas?

How about this?

The Red Queen faces upstage (away from the audience) while Alice slices her head off horizontally. This means just dropping your head to your chest at the moment she slices. It might be funny if the body walked around or did a little melodramatic trot before it "collapsed", or whatever little aftertouch in keeping with the Red Queen's personality.

My two cents- Its really easy to get carried away with fun tech stuff but I think it's much more important what you do with the head after it is cut off then what it actually looks like when you do it. Have fun!

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