Any Speech Friends?

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Salutations! This will be my second year in Speech and boy, am I ready to NOT get last place! I didn't know what the heck Speech was and this year, I am confident to do a whole lot better. I would like to find more people that share the same interests in Speech as I do! I want to help and become friends with others!

YAY for your second year! It just keeps getting better.

Welcome! What event(s) will you be doing this year?

I will compete in Program Oral Interpretation (POI). It's a new event. I will as compete in HI, poetry, and maybe a few more. I might try all the events, but HI, POI, and poetry will be my top three!

What state are you from? I compete in IHSA (Illinois) and I've never heard of POI that's why I'm asking. :)

Best of luck to you! Districts are coming up, so hopefully your pieces are looking good!

Happy second year! Good luck in all of your events this year! :)

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