$500 NFL Debate Grant

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After last month's debacle of the NFL's Policy topic change, there is now an opportunity for schools to earn a $500 grant for using the topic "Resolved: An Islamic cultural center should be built near Ground Zero" in a community event.  (Or schools may "propose an alternative, related topic.")  This is a nationwide public debate initiative to discuss the Park51 proposal.  The rules are simple:

  1. "Hold two community events of at least 45 minutes each, during the months of November or December, in which students debate at least 30 minutes before a public audience. The remaining time may be used for question-and-answer sessions or audience discussion.
  2. The specific format for debate is up to the individual school. The school may use the suggested topic, “Resolved: An Islamic cultural center should be built near Ground Zero,” or propose an alternative, related topic.
  3. Register the dates and details of the events before December 1, 2010, by visiting www.debatepark51.org/register. The events may not be held during a tournament. We encourage you to register early!
  4. Document participation and audience involvement through a survey and/or video recording the events."

The aim is to discuss this controversial topic in an open matter to "engage your peers and community."  Also, this allows schools to earn money while debating a topic many teams might have been eager to tackle. 

To register, click here.

For more information, click here.



Thank you NFL for sharing.

Anyone know how successful these community events were?!?!

No. And Google has not been able to help me. :/

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