2016 ForCom Season Enhancements & Feedback..

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Each season we upgrade ForCom, improve the site's usability and introduce enhancements to the user experience. We also want to hear from you!

Which features do you like the best? What would you like to see us do better? What are your favorite parts? Let us know! We read the replies.

For the upcoming 2016-2017 season, we are working on the following upgrades. Some are already complete and others are still in the works:

  • Enhanced Homepage: Simplified the Banner, Improved Featuring of Videos, Added Featured Articles, Included Display of Pieces on the Homepage
  • Introduced Subnavigation for Pieces
  • Expanding the content within our Pieces library by a significant margin
  • Adding automated emails for forum replies - so users know when someone has replied to his/her Forum thread
  • Enhancing the Forum posting experience
  • Improving the design and usability of the Join & Log In pages
  • Enhancing the design of supernav & footer

We will also be introducing some advertisements in what we hope will be a non-intrusive experience.

If you have any favorite features or feature requests, please do let us know! :)

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