2014-2015 NFL Extemp Topics

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Content from the NFL's website. Per the site, these topics were supplied by Coach Todd Hering.

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. What do new concerns over lethal injection mean for the future of the death penalty?
2. What explains the US economy’s poor Q1 performance?
3. Is NASA's Curiosity Mars rover delivering on expectations?
4. Is Jeb Bush emerging as the GOP frontrunner?
5. Is Obamacare doing better than expected?
6. Should the NBA force Donald Sterling to sell his team?
7. Is Barack Obama already a lame duck?
8. Would raising the minimum wage successfully reduce poverty?
9. Should the US continue to cut military spending?
10. How is inequality in K-12 education affecting the United States?

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1. How should Ukraine’s government respond to Russian separatists?
2. Will sanctions against Russia achieve their goal?
3. What is driving China’s problems with internal ethnic conflict?
4. Has the world forgotten about Syria?
5. What does the failure of peace talks with the Palestinians mean for Israel’s future?
6. Will Thailand’s July elections ease or exacerbate political tensions?
7. What is at stake in Iraq’s nationwide parliamentary elections?
8. What are the greatest challenges facing the United States’ foreign policy toward Asia?
9. Why are Dilma Rousseff’s approval ratings slipping?
10. Why is violence overwhelming South Sudan?

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