2011 NFL Nationals TOPICS

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Lincoln Douglas Debate

Resolved: When forced to choose, a just government ought to prioritize universal human rights over its national interest.

Public Forum Debate

Resolved: That the United States should intervene in another nation's struggle for democracy.

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

--2012 Elections

--The American Economy: Economic Theory, Economic Policymaking, and Primary Economic Indicators

--American Foreign Policy: Theoretical Questions and Ongoing Foreign Engagements

--The American Judiciary: Nominations, Recent Cases, and Theoretical Approaches

--The American Recovery: The Budget Crisis and American Business

--America's Superpower Status in 2011


--Energy and the Environment

--Health Care Reform

--National Defense and Homeland Security

--The Obama Administration

--State and Local Politics: Major Elections, Budgets, Welfare, and Immigration Issues

--U.S. Politics, Programs, and Regulatory Policy

International Extemporaneous Speaking


--Central and South America

--Energy and the Environment


--India, Pakistan, and SE Asia

--The International Community: Seeking a Superpower?

--International Organizations and Global Challenges

--Japan, Taiwan, China, and the Koreas

--The Middle East

--Russia and Former USSR Satellite States

--U.S. Foreign Policy: The Foreign Perspective

--The World Economy

Extemporaneous Speaking Commentary

--2000 vs. 2010: A Decade of Differences

--The Budget Crunchies

--Campaign 2012: Contenders and Bit Players

--Looking for Unions and Their Labels

--Notable Deceased Since 2010 Nationals

-Rogue Nations and Nations Ruled by Rogues

--Social Media vs. Actual Socializing

--Tea for Two Parties

--Who's Afraid of Foreign Trade?

--Wicked Wikis and Lamentable Leaks


Storytelling Theme: Native American Stories

Note: This year, the final round of Storytelling will be held at the Dallas Museum of Art. The finalists will perform amidst Eugene and Clare Thaw's renowned art collection, "Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection." The collection explores the extraordinarily diverse forms of visual expression in Native North America.

Supplemental Debate Resolutions

--This House believes that the US is safer after the death of Osama bin Laden

--This House would end oil subsidies in the United States

--This House would lift the debt ceiling

--This House would transition Medicare to private health care plans

--This House would withdraw troops from Afghanistan

--This House would prefer the use of tax credits rather than vouchers to preserve school choice

--This House believes that the parent who pressures least, parents best

--This House believes that the US economy is improving

--This House would use tax increases rather than spending cuts to reign in deficit spending

--This House believes the US should take a more active role in the Arab-Israeli compromise

--This House would ban fraternities and sororities on college campuses

--This House would end government support of the mortgage market

--This House believes that a college education is a good investment

--This House would ban corporal punishment in schools

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