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Registration for 2011 NFL Nationals has begun!  Provided below is the complete statment released by the NFL about how to register, expectations that must be met to be considered fully registered, fees, and a link to begin the on-line registration process.  Good luck competitors!




1. Registration: National Tournament registration will occur online this year beginning March 15, 2011. Coaches will register by clicking the link below entitled, “BEGIN REGISTERING.” Although the entire online registration process does not have to be completed at one single sitting, coaches must complete the entire online registration process and must send ALL appropriate entry fees and ALL designated paperwork to the NFL national office before the entry will be considered official.

2. Supervision: In order to compete in the National Tournament, each student must be supervised by an adult approved by the principal. The adult supervisor must be the student’s coach, a school district faculty member or administrator, or the child’s own parent(s). The supervising adult must stay at the same lodging with student(s) under his/her supervision. Students without an accredited supervisor staying in the same lodging will not be permitted to participate in the tournament. Coaches from other school districts may not be the adult supervisor without prior written permission of both school district superintendents submitted to the NFL before the entry will be accepted.

3. Fees: Fees must accompany your registration:

  • Policy, Public Forum, and Duo Entry, $120
  • Speech, Lincoln Douglas, and Congress Entry, $60
  • Supplemental Events, $20 each event entered (may pre-register for all five, but may only re-register for two speech or Supplemental Debate only);
  • Impromptu or Storytelling, $10 each event entered (may pre-register for both, but can only re-register for one).

Refund in full upon cancellation in writing before May 1, and 50% upon cancellation before May 8. No refunds thereafter. To process payment prior to the start of online entry on March 15, please print the SAMPLE FEE SCHEDULE as a temporary invoice. If a standard invoice is needed, please contact Carol Zanto at (920)748-6206.

4. Deadline: The ENTIRE entry process, including mailed materials MUST be completed by May 3, 2011. Materials being sent by mail must be postmarked by certified mail by Tuesday, May 3, 2011. Only registrations complete with respect to every essential item will be accepted. Late or incomplete entries and each entry lacking signatures or payment in full will be subject to a $200 late fee, or denial of entry. Alternates will be notified of available vacant slots beginning May 13, 2011. Deadline for registration of alternates is Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

5. Congress Legislation: The official docket of legislation and NFL Congressional Debate guidelines will be available to each registered Congressperson through the NFL Web site www.NFLonline.org by May 10. Please note that congressional legislation is not mailed.

6. Original Oratory: Entrants must file a copy of their oration with the registration form, signed by the contestant and the coach, certifying the oration is the student’s original work. Note: “No more than 150 words may be quoted from other sources. Extensive paraphrasing from other sources is prohibited.” The oratory must include a complete work cited page in M.L.A. or A.P.A. format.

7. Interpretation: A cutting must be from a single work of literature: one short story, one novel, one play or one or more poems.” [In poetry, a contestant may use multiple poems.] The original published, printed source of any selection used in Dramatic, Humorous, or Duo must be immediately available at the tournament. Electronically published or PDF versions of a script ARE NOT considered a printed published source. In addition to the original source, all contestants must make available a complete script of the cutting being performed including:
a) A photocopy of every page from which any line of the cutting is taken; pages are to be in the order in which they are performed.
b) All words used from the script should be highlighted. (Any words/lines not used should be left unmarked.)
c) Any word changes and/or additions must be indicated clearly in ink.
d) Microfilm or microfiche of the complete source is acceptable, if the original is unavailable, xeroxed or internet copies are not. A photocopy of the original source of each interp selection being performed, which includes all lines of the cutting being used, must be sent in with the entry. All bibliographic information: title, author, publisher's name and complete address, and #ISBN (if available) of the selection must be sent in with entry.
e) Incomplete entries will be subject to the $200 penalty or rejected. It shall be the affirmative duty of each coach and each student entered in NFL Interpretation contests to determine absolutely that the cutting being performed meets NFL rules. The original source must be immediately available during the tournament. All quarterfinalists are required to turn in the original source to the ombudsmen by noon on Friday, June 17. Photocopies are not acceptable. Any contestant failing to produce the original source to the ombudsmen by noon on Friday, June 17, will not quality for the semifinal rounds of competition.

8. No Double Entry: A contestant may enter only one main event category or one main event debate category.

9. Supplemental Speech Entry: Students may pre-register for up to four supplemental speech events (Commentary, Expository, Poetry, Prose). Students who have been eliminated from main event competition prior to round 9 or prior to the semifinals of Congressional Debate may re-register and officially enter up to two supplemental speech events (if pre-registered). Students pre-registering in supplemental speech events may pre-register for Supplemental Debate, but may ONLY re-register for either Supplemental Debate or two supplemental speech events.

10. Supplemental Debate Event: Contestants eliminated from main events prior to round 9 or prior to the semifinals of Congressional Debate will be eligible to re-register for Supplemental Debate (if pre-registered). Students pre-registering for Supplemental Debate may pre-register for supplemental speech events but may ONLY re-register for either Supplemental Debate or two supplemental speech events.

11. Lodging: Information concerning hotels and tournament activities appear in Rostrum and online, available here. All attendees are encouraged to stay at one of the NFL recommended hotel properties. The official tournament hotel is the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. All attendees lodging in an NFL block property will receive special discounts on meals and merchandise and will have free online access in the NFL internet café.

12. Mailing: Faxed or e-mailed registrations will be rejected. Send the required registration materials and fees certified mail or courier to
125 Watson Street, PO Box 38
Ripon, WI 54971-0038

13. Judging Information: All judges must be available to judge Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday. All judges are eligible to judge supplemental and consolation events regardless of main event assignment.
A. Events

  • Each Policy Debate Team* 8 rounds
  • Each Ted Turner Public Forum Debate Team ** 5 rounds
  • Each LD Debater 5 rounds
  • Each Duo Team 4 rounds
  • Each Speech Entry 4 rounds
  • Each Congress Entry 4 rounds or 2 sessions of Congress
  • Each Supplemental Speech Entry 1 round
  • Each Supplemental Debate Entry 2 rounds
  • Each Consolation Entry 0 rounds

B. A student entered in two supplemental speech events counts as two contestants
C. *Each school that qualifies a Policy Debate team to the National Tournament must provide a qualified policy judge for that team. If two (or 3) teams qualify, then two (or 3) qualified judges must be provided, each to be available to judge a minimum of 8 Policy rounds.
D. **Each school that qualifies a Public Forum team to the National Tournament must provide a qualified Public Forum judge for that team who can judge a minimum of 5 rounds of Public Forum. Schools with two Public Forum Debate teams may provide one judge for 8 rounds. Judges who are covering a Public Forum obligation may also fill out a LD judging card to be considered for these rounds.
E . Each school must provide a judge for at least 6 rounds (Policy Debate team 8 rounds) and must be available on Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday. A penalty of $200 plus judging round fees will be assessed a school which furnishes no judge. A Policy Debate team or Public Forum team with no judge will be denied entry!
F. Schools may choose to bring additional judges for additional owed rounds OR pay $15 per round based upon the above quota. NOTE: Cannot buy out Policy rounds or Public Forum rounds.
G. Each school must post a judge bond of $200. This bond is in addition to entry fees and judge fees. If all judges from a school complete all judging assignments to which they were assigned, the $200 will be returned at the end of the tournament. All Judge Bonds must be claimed by October 1, 2011. Failure to report for a judging assignment or pooling assignment will forfeit your judge bond of $200 for the first round missed, and a $100 per round penalty will be assessed thereafter. A school will not be permitted to compete the following year unless all outstanding fees have been paid.
H. Each judge may pledge to judge as many as 8 rounds, but no more than 8.
I. The NFL cannot accept registration unless the ENTIRE online registration process is complete, ALL mailed materials are received, and a check covering all fees has been received. Each incomplete registration will be assessed a $200 late fee.
J. Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate judges must include completed judge philosophy cards with registration. Failure to do so by the May 3, 2011, entry deadline will result in a late fee of $200. Teams will NOT be allowed to compete unless ALL judge philosophy cards are filed with the NFL by June 1, 2011.

14. Discounted Pre-sale Opportunities: The below options are available for pre-purchase of important tournament related items and as part of your registration process.

DART Rail Weekly Passes: Attendees can pre-purchase discounted weekly passes on the DART Rail public transportation system for $20. The DART Rail system is the most convenient and inexpensive method to travel to and from all special events and restaurants at the West End District. All pre-sale tickets will be available for pickup on Monday, June 13, at registration.

Meal Tickets: For convenience, the NFL is offering an on-site lunch option for attendees who are staying in one of the NFL block hotels. Pre-purchased adult meals are $8 and student meals are $6. A very limited number of meal tickets will be available on-site at a cost of $12 (adult) and $10 (student). All pre-sale tickets will be available for pickup on Monday, June 13, at registration. Note: On-site meal options are being provided for the convenience of our attendees; however, additional meal options are readily available off-site and adjacent to the hotel.

Tournament Merchandise: The local hosts and NFL are offering discounts on pre-purchased tournament merchandise and final rounds DVDs. Various sizes of T-shirts (in particular) sell out quickly, so pre-purchasing is a great option.

1. Have you completed the ENTIRE online registration process?
2. Have you printed the signature sheet and have you obtained 4 signatures?
3. Have oration copies been signed by coach and student and mailed? Is a work cited page included?
4. Have you mailed all entry fees including judge fees and judge bond?
5. Did you mail copies of the original source/script of all interp cuttings? (Main Events ONLY)
6. Did you mail signed Participant Release Form(s) for ALL students competing?
7. Did you complete ALL required judge philosophy cards.?

Download blank Participant Release forms Use the following form to obtain signatures from students/parents in advance of completing your registration. Participant Release forms are generated at the end of the registration process but you will only be required to submit one per student. Blank Participant Release Form




Thanks to the NFL for posting this information originally

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