2011 NFL District Student of the Year Information

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Okay NFL Districts across the Nation, you have until April 15th, 2011 to select your District Student of the Year.  This award is for graduating seniors only, and if selected for District Student of the Year, that NFL member then has the chance of becoming a National Student of the Year candidate.  Remember, selections must be done and submitted by e-mail on/by April 15th for candidates to be eligible as a National Student of the Year.  

The NFL also had this to say in their statement:

"Each charter, provisional, or member chapter can nominate one graduating senior for this honor, ONLY using the official form. Special care should be taken to reward students who embody the NFL Code of Honor and are not necessarily 'champion' students. A district's winner need NOT be a national qualifier, but if s/he is not in an NFL main event, s/he must come to the National Tournament as a qualifier in 'Student of the Year,' if selected as one of the six national finalists."


The required form, and ideas on how to select a student, can be found here.   



The full statement from the NFL, with contact information for Adam Jacobi for questions, can be found here.


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