2011 NDT Fundraiser

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Beginning on March 25th competition for the 65th National Debate Tournament will be underway at the University of Texas-Dallas.  And those competing for debate glory are wished all the luck imaginable.

However, there is a battle being waged NOW not only between your favorite teams going to the NDT, but a battle for the support of Urban Debate.  Organized by the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance and Debate Central, a fundraiser is going on to support the urban debate teams of Dallas.  Donate in the name of your favorite team so your team "wins;" but really the kids of Dallas are the ones who will be the winners here.

As reported by the 3NR:

Donate money in the name of the NDT entry of your choice. The School who has the most donations in support of spreading debate in Dallas will receive recognition by both Debate Central and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance.

Check the website often to see your school’s standings, donate more, and for NDT record updates throughout the NDT.

Monday evening, we will also have a fundraising event including discounted drinks and snacks. Join us at the NDT hotel.


For more information, OR TO DONATE, please visit the official website.  THANK YOU!


haha, I remember this! So cool!

They should do this again. It's a fun, interesting way to raise money.

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