2010 NFL National Student of the Year Finalists

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From a group of 65 District Student of the Year recipients, the final six Student of the Year nominees have been selected.  These six were chosen based on their exemplary upholding of the NFL's Code of Honor which details the traits of integrity, humility, leadership, service, and respect being components of the ideal NFL member.  These six will go through a review process consisting of a 30 minute interview with a panel of top coaches.  The Student of the Year will be announced on June 18th at the 2010 NFL Nationals Jazzin' it up in KC Tournament.  Good luck!


Zach Beattie of Savannah R3 HS (Heart of America District, MO)
Sonia Chokshi of Hillsborough HS (Florida Sunshine District, FL)
John W. Ford of Galveston Ball HS (Gulf Coast District, TX)
Jane Kessner of Walt Whitman HS (Chesapeake District, MD)
Todd Wells of Garden City HS (West Kansas District, KS)
Cory Williams of Hattiesburg HS (Mississippi District, MS)  


For a list of the 2010 District Student of the Year winners, please click here.

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