Extemporaneous Speaking Resources

Below is information of the leading resources for Extemporaneous Speaking used by those in Extemp. Please note: these sources are available, with most of their coverage, on-line for free. However, a subscription often offers more in-depth coverage. These are just some of the publications available. For example, Extemporaneous speakers might want/need to find more international magazines or journals based on the types of questions asked in their region.

The Christian Science Monitor

“The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage…our aim is to embrace the human family, shedding light and understanding with the conviction that truth is the beginning of solutions. This conviction has served our readers and story subjects well over the years, winning us seven Pulitzer Prizes and more than a dozen Overseas Press Club awards…We're unrelenting but fair. We're excited by what’s new and developing - yet always mindful of the history behind us. We're broad in scope but written for the individual. And we make a point of resisting the sensational in favor of the meaningful. We're also free to be an independent voice, devoid of the corporate allegiances and pressures that critics say too often skew today's media.”

Website: http://www.csmonitor.com/


“Forbes.com Inc. is a leading Internet media company, is among the most trusted resources for the world's business and investment leaders, providing them the uncompromising commentary, concise analysis, relevant tools and real-time reporting they need to succeed at work, profit from investing and have fun with the rewards of winning. Forbes.com includes real-time original reporting on business, technology, investing and lifestyle; stock and mutual fund quotes; comprehensive company profiles; a wide array of interactive tools, calculators and databases, including People Tracker, the annual Forbes Lists; a Lifestyle section that currently focuses on high-end vehicles, collecting, real estate and travel; and the complete online editions of Forbes' magazines.”

Website: http://www.forbes.com/

The Economist

“Edited in London since 1843, The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication, offering clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media and the arts. As noted on its contents page, The Economist's goal is to 'take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.' Printed in five countries, worldwide circulation is now over one million, and The Economist is read by more of the world's political and business leaders than any other magazine.”

Website: http://www.economist.com/

Time Magazine

Time Magazine does not provide a mission statement for itself (at least none that could be found). However, Time Magazine offers global and National news on topics such as business, politics, technology, health, travel, the arts, popular people (entertainers, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc.), collections of photography, video interviews/reports, stories of special interest, and more.

Website: http://www.time.com/time/

U.S. News and World Report

“U.S.News & World Report came into existence through a journalistic merger. In 1933, journalist David Lawrence published the first issue of a weekly newspaper called the United States News. Six years later, he launched a magazine called World Report. When the two weeklies merged in 1948, U.S.News & World Report was born…”

U.S. News & World Report provides a focus on mostly American news such as politics and policy, health, finance, science, travel, education, cars, and their popular and informative lists of rankings (notably the best high schools, colleges/universities, and grad schools).

Website: http://www.usnews.com/

The Washington Post

Their Principles:
“The first mission of a newspaper is to tell the truth as nearly as the truth can be ascertained. The newspaper shall tell ALL the truth so far as it can learn it, concerning the important affairs of America and the world. As a disseminator of news, the paper shall observe the decencies that are obligatory upon a private gentleman. What it prints shall be fit reading for the young as well as the old. The newspaper's duty is to its readers and to the public at large, and not to the private interests of its owners. In the pursuit of truth, the newspaper shall be prepared to make sacrifices of its material fortunes, if such a course be necessary for the public good. The newspaper shall not be the ally of any special interest, but shall be fair and free and wholesome in its outlook on public affairs and public men.”

First printed in 1877, The Washington Post “has grown into one of the most recognized news organizations in the world.” The Post has earned Pulitzer Prizes and many other awards in its history. This newspaper covers the news at the local, national, and global level for all types of stories ranging from politics, to economics, to entertainment and travel.

Website: http://www.washingtonpost.com/

The New York Times

First published on September 18th, 1851 as the New-York Daily Times, this newspaper has grown to become on of the leading sources of news. Covering news of both national and global importance, “The New York Times Company has been awarded 128 Pulitzer Prizes and citations--more than any other news organization.”

Website: http://www.nytimes.com/

The Tribune

“Tribune is an industry-leading media company, operating businesses in publishing, interactive and broadcasting. In publishing, Tribune’s leading daily newspapers include the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Sun Sentinel (South Florida), Orlando Sentinel, Hartford Courant, Morning Call and Daily Press. The company’s broadcasting group operates 23 television stations, WGN America on national cable, and Chicago’s WGN-AM. Popular news and information websites complement Tribune’s print and broadcast properties and extend the company’s nationwide audience. At Tribune we take what we do seriously and with a great deal of pride. We also value the creative spirit and nurture a corporate culture that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” The Tribune has won a total of 94 Pulitzer Prizes, with The Los-Angeles Times contributing 38 and The Chicago Tribune earning 25.

Website: http://www.tribune.com/

BBC News

Centered in the UK, but with correspondents all over the globe, the BBC is one of the leading news organizations of the world. Covering events in the UK, the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia (main websites anyway) there is no shortage of information. “The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by the licence fee that is paid by UK households. The BBC uses the income from the licence fee to provide services including 8 national TV channels plus regional programming, 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations and an extensive website.” The BBC strives to provide the best news coverage possible.

Website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/

Brookings Institute

“The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research and, based on that research, to provide innovative, practical recommendations that advance three broad goals:
Strengthen American democracy
Foster the economic and social welfare, security and opportunity of all Americans
Secure a more open, safe, prosperous and cooperative international system.
Brookings is proud to be consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank…Based on think tank citations made by members of Congress from across the political spectrum, with 100 indicating citations by Democratic members and 0 indicating citations by Republican members, Brookings is quoted equally by members of both parties.”

Website: http://www.brookings.edu/

The Cato Institute

“The Cato Institute was founded in 1977 by Edward H. Crane. It is a non-profit public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute is named for Cato's Letters, a series of libertarian pamphlets that helped lay the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution. The mission of the Cato Institute is to increase the understanding of public policies based on the principles of limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and peace. The Institute will use the most effective means to originate, advocate, promote, and disseminate applicable policy proposals that create free, open, and civil societies in the United States and throughout the world.”

Website: http://www.cato.org/

The Heritage Foundation

“Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution—a think tank—whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”

Website: http://www.heritage.org/


“Newsweek was first published on Feb. 17, 1933...Today, Newsweek has a worldwide circulation of more than 4 million. Newsweek holds more prestigious National Magazine Awards, given by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), than any other newsweekly. Newsweek offers comprehensive coverage of world events with a global network of correspondents, reporters and editors covering national and international affairs, business, science and technology, society and the arts and entertainment. Newsweek also features respected commentators such as Jonathan Alter, Ellis Cose, Jane Bryant Quinn, Robert J. Samuelson, Anna Quindlen, Stuart Taylor Jr. and George Will.

Website: http://www.newsweek.com/

The Nation

“The Nation will not be the organ of any party, sect, or body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to the discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much of the political writing of the day is marred.

-- from The Nation's founding prospectus, 1865”

The Nation reports on politics, world news, activism, literature, the arts, the economy, and social issues.

Website: http://www.thenation.com/

National Review

National Review is a biweekly, New York City based magazine that was founded in 1955. Self-described as “America’s most widely read and influential magazine and web site for Republican/conservative news, commentary, and opinion. Both the magazine and website provide insightful and incomparable coverage of today’s--and tomorrow’s--most important political, economic, social, and cultural issues and trends.”

Website: http://www.nationalreview.com/


“CNN.com is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and in bureaus worldwide, CNN.com relies heavily on CNN's global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. CNN.com features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.”

CNN.com offers an International and U.S. edition for different views of the news (and allows for varying stories).

Website: http://us.cnn.com/


“Gallup has studied human nature and behavior for more than 75 years. Gallup's reputation for delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what people around the world think and feel is the cornerstone of the organization. Gallup employs many of the world's leading scientists in management, economics, psychology, and sociology, and our consultants assist leaders in identifying and monitoring behavioral economic indicators worldwide. Gallup consultants help organizations boost organic growth by increasing customer engagement and maximizing employee productivity through measurement tools, coursework, and strategic advisory services. Gallup's 2,000 professionals deliver services at client organizations, through the Web, at Gallup University's campuses, and in more than 40 offices around the world.”

Source of detailed polls.

Website: http://www.gallup.com/home.aspx


“Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare, science and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization. Thomson Reuters is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world.”

Reuters offers breaking news from around the world in technology, business, politics, entertainment, and more.

Website: http://www.reuters.com/

Foreign Affairs

“Since its founding in 1922, Foreign Affairs has been the leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and international affairs. It is published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a non-profit and nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to improving the understanding of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs through the free exchange of ideas…The magazine’s first issue led with a statement setting out an editorial vision that has remained constant ever since:

“The articles in Foreign Affairs will deal with questions of international interest today. They will cover a broad range of subjects, not only political but historical and economic, and they will be accompanied, when it is desirable, by maps and diagrams. Technical articles will be left to more special magazines. There will be numerous foreign contributors, but the fact that the interest and profit of the American reader are a first consideration will not be forgotten.

“In pursuance of its ideals Foreign Affairs will not devote itself to the support of any one cause, however worthy. Like the Council on Foreign Relations from which it has sprung it will tolerate wide differences of opinion. Its articles will not represent any consensus of beliefs. What is demanded of them is that they shall be competent and well informed, representing honest opinions seriously held and convincingly expressed. We do not expect that readers of the review will sympathize with all the sentiments they find there, for some of our writers will flatly disagree with others; but we hold that while keeping clear of mere vagaries Foreign Affairs can do more to guide American public opinion by a broad hospitality to divergent ideas than it can by identifying itself with one school. It does not accept responsibility for the views expressed in any article, signed or unsigned, which appears in its pages. What it does accept is the responsibility for giving them a chance to appear there.”

Website: http://www.foreignaffairs.com/

Foreign Policy

“Founded in 1970 by Samuel Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel, and now published by the Slate Group, a division of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, LLC, in Washington, D.C., FOREIGN POLICY is the premier, award-winning magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas. After winning our third Ellie (National Magazine Award) in six years, we believe the judges said it best:

'Serious without being pompous, deep without being self-indulgent…' "

Website: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/

The Week

“Designed for the way today's busy executives and thought leaders live, The Week curates over a thousand media sources from around the world to offer a true global and balanced perspective on the issues today-all in a concise, readable package. Inspired by the daily briefing created for the U.S. President, The Week distills the best in domestic and international commentary, and the latest developments in business, health, science, technology, the arts, culture, consumer products and travel.”

Website: http://theweek.com/home

The Guardian

The Guardian was founded in 1821, and it is one of the leading newspapers of the UK. It was founded on this main principle:

" 'A newspaper's primary office is the gathering of news. At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted.' The most important currency of The Guardian is trust. This is as true today as when CP Scott marked the centenary of the founding of the paper with his famous essay on journalism in 1921. The purpose of this code is, above all, to protect and foster the bond of trust between the paper and its readers, and therefore to protect the integrity of the paper and of the editorial content it carries."

Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/

Amnesty International

“Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world - so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity. We have more than 2.8 million members and supporters in more than 150 countries and regions and we coordinate this support to act for justice on a wide range of issues.”

Website: http://www.amnesty.org/en


“In 1981 Bloomberg started out with one core belief: that bringing transparency to capital markets through access to information could increase capital flows, produce economic growth and jobs, and significantly reduce the cost of doing business. Today’s Bloomberg builds on that foundation - everything we do connects decision makers in business, finance and government to a broad and dynamic network of information, news, people and ideas that enables faster, more effective decisions.”

Website: http://www.bloomberg.com/

Science News

“Science News has been published since 1922. This award-winning biweekly news magazine covers important and emerging research in all fields of science. It publishes concise, accurate, timely articles that appeal to both general readers and scientists, reaching nearly 130,000 subscribers and more than one million readers. Audible.com distributes an audio edition of Science News. News from the Science News reporting team also appears at www.sciencenews.org. Updated daily, this site covers all areas of science. Science News is published by Society for Science & the Public, a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the public engagement in scientific research and education.

Website: http://www.sciencenews.org/

People Magazine

Pop culture and celebrity news.

Website: http://www.people.com/people/

The Wall Street Journal

“The Wall Street Journal Digital Network is the Web's largest publisher of original business news and financial information. Led by two of the most respected Internet brands, WSJ.com and MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network offers editorial coverage and innovative advertising solutions that are second to none.”

Website: http://online.wsj.com/home-page

Der Spiegel

International news from the German perspective. “Der Spiegel is Europe's leading newsmagazine and Spiegel Online is the most-visited news site in Germany. Spiegel International brings this unique European perspective to the English-speaking world."

Website: http://www.spiegel.de/international/

Le Monde

“Le Monde diplomatique is the place you go when you want to know what’s really happening. This is a major international paper that is truly independent, that sees the world in fresh ways, that focuses on places no other publications reach. We offer a clear, considered view of the conflicting interests and complexities of a modern global world…Our contributors are experts in their fields – area specialists, academics, writers, journalists who are close to the issues and to the people making the news. Our readers include politicians, diplomats, policy-makers, journalists, lecturers, thinktank researchers, NGOs, opinion formers, students, and anyone who wants the real stories, reliable research and an independent viewpoint. Le Monde diplomatique is a world famous voice in journalism dating back to 1954...LMD in English is a concise version of the Paris-based parent edition, publishing all the major stories each month, expertly translated, and with some London-based commissions too. We offer a taster of LMD quality on our website where a selection of articles are available each month."

Website: http://mondediplo.com/

The Harvard International Review

“The HIR features underappreciated topics in the international affairs discourse and underappreciated perspectives on more widely discussed topics. The HIR aims to serve as a trend-setter among similar publications by directing rather than following the public’s attention. The HIR presents a variety of scholarly content in an accessible style and format. It makes the arguments of scholars, policymakers, and other international affairs actors available to a wider audience. The HIR seeks both academic and lay readers who wish to think seriously about international affairs. The HIR is more a source of analysis than a source of news or editorial commentary. Its main purpose is not to present facts previously unreported elsewhere. The HIR distinguishes itself primarily by serving as a forum for academic debate, rigorously applying theory to case studies, analyzing historical trends, and making informed predictions."

Website: http://hir.harvard.edu/


"A thriving media organization at the forefront of digital innovation, NPR creates and distributes award-winning news, information, and music programming to a network of 975 independent stations. Through them, NPR programming reaches 26 million listeners every week."

Website: http://www.npr.org/