The Best Sources for Extemporaneous Speaking

Just as a bit of a disclaimer, I don't read every single blog on this site. So if someone has already covered this topic, my sincerest apologies.  But a big problem extempers have is knowing what to clip.  What sources are the best?  Which sources do judges most like to hear cited?  Which sources have the best information?  Well have no fear, because the answer is here!  I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the all time best sources for an extemper to use.

The Economist (magazine)

The Christian Science Monitor (newspaper) * One of my favorites

The Washington Post (newspaper)

The New York Times (newspaper)

The Cato Institute (research foundation) (online)

Brookings Institute (research foundation)

Chicago Tribune (newspaper)

BBC (online/radio source generally)

Gallup Polls are awesome to cite, just as a final note.  There are plenty of other great sources but these are the ones most frequently used that tend to be well known.