Duo: Structure and Rules

Duo is structured that you and your partner cut a published, printed work from either plays, short stories, or novels—although, plays tend to be easier source material to search through. An introduction is written to be delivered during competition. You and your partner will go to a tournament, compete in your three rounds, and possibly compete at finals if you break. Any piece selection needs to tell a complete story, have character development, provide drama/humor, and allow for interpretation by the performers.

Rules include:

• Piece must be within time (typically ten minutes, some areas differ)
• Selections must be from published, printed works (plays, novels, short stories, poems) and can be either dramatic or humorous—note some areas have two separate categories for drama and humor
• Must be memorized
• An introduction is required (names author, title, gives any necessary information, and sets the tone) and given after a minute or so of the piece has been delivered, at a natural break-point
• No props or costumes
• No physical contact or looking at your partner (most places, ask to see if this applies to your region)
• Can cut anything out of the piece, but cannot add anything
• No lying on the ground or kneeling with both legs
• Interpretation of character is vital—know whom you are playing and your scene!
• When playing multiple characters, each character needs to be distinct (gestures, movement, voice, etc. need to be unique to that character)
• Creative blocking/pantomime/song/dance to overcome any issues due to Duo rules (such as not being able to touch your partner, but using timing and illusion to give the appearance of a slap) is encouraged and helps rank higher
• Partner chemistry is important—if you two look like you are having fun and have a good rapport, then you will earn some points because this also means you have practiced to earn this trust and relationship (so you should be good anyway)