Duo On-Line Resources: A Cut to the Chase

The Beatles got it right when they said "I get by with a little help from my friends."  Everyone needs help occasionally; Forensics is no exception.  Sometimes a Duo needs a slight shove in the right direction on where to find titles and authors of plays.  Before you and your Duo partner lose your cool from sleuthing and finding nothing, check out these websites below to get some names and titles together for a fulfilling library/bookstore excursion.  

  • http://www.stageagent.com/ This is a site used by actors to find monologues and research plays.  With thousands of titles to select from, your Duo shouldn't be scriptless for long!  What makes this site great is how you can search for plays.  You can either do a "general" search with info strictly related to a play (cast size, genre) or you can look for plays that match your abilities (vocal range, part size, genre, age range).  The scripts are unavailable on the site, but it's a great researching tool.
  • http://www.playdatabase.com/ Another research site that allows for you to browse or search through plays based on information you input (genre, number of characters and gender, publisher, runtime).  Again, the text is not available, but information regarding the play is as well as a link to the publisher for purchase information.  Get a few Duo prospects in mind and go to the library to see if the materials are available (if no, request them to be ordered by the library). 
  • http://www.one-act-plays.com/index.html A resource for older plays.  Duos, did that catch your attention?  If you are interested in performing older works then you could find one here, text included because a majority of these plays are considered Public Domain. 
  • http://www.braddockdebate.com/files/Web_Sites_For_Scripts_For_HI.htm Here you will find a directory of publishing houses.  Though you might not wish to purchase (and rather want to see if the library has them in the stacks), you can still browse and find a play that sounds worth reading.
  • http://www.online-literature.com/author_index.php Here it will help to know the names of authors.  If you are seeking an older Duo script of the Public Domain this site has hundreds of authors to choose from.  Be warned, not all of these authors have written plays.  This is a collection of works from classic authors.  That's it.  But if you know some names this could hold the free, easy access text you seek.
  • Amazon. Another great place to browse.  Go to some pages of plays and authors you like and see what others have bought.  You can come across some new names and titles that you would never have found.  Simply typing in "plays" in the search bar also brings up books with collections of plays that might be worth leafing through at the library.
  • http://www.samuelfrench.com/ One of the major play publishers out there. This can be a great resource for either browsing potential titles, or for purchasing one you are set on performing.
  • http://www.dramatists.com/ Another one of the major play publishers out there. This can be a great resource for either browsing potential titles, or for purchasing one you are set on performing.

Though all these sites might not offer text, they do prove to be useful research opportunities.  Duo script location takes time, so do not despair!  Hopefully these sites will help relieve some tension and get your Duo on the fast track to cutting, memorizing, and analysis.