Duo Inspiration

Every now and then a Duo can get stuck.  You might not know how to better a transition that has always given the performance a weak link or be at a loss with blocking.  Maybe Duo is a new event for you; an event you have seen little of as well!  Perhaps you grow weary of Duo and need a boost of confidence to remind yourself why Duo is important to you?  Never fear, inspiration is near!

The Internet is an amazing tool full of information and resources for anything imaginable.  Why not harness the infinite knowledge lurking in the Internet to your advantage?  A buffer away are countless videos of Forensics performances--even Duo!  League pages and Youtube are full of video uploads of Duo and Duet performances just waiting for you to view them.  Though, with videos come responsibility and advantages:

  • Great for seeing what's out there and for Duo recharging. If you and your Duo partner are interested to see where Duo has been heading over the last few years, videos are a time capsule of past Duo performances.  Watching a few uploads can inform you of what is currently "in" for performance and serves as a quick way to remind you of what to shoot for in your Duo--or how awesome yours is pending on your Duo's skill and the video watched (sorry, it's true and we all compare...YOU TOO!).  It's free motivation.
  • Teaching tool. If you are new to Duo a good way to become acquainted is to watch a few performances.  Going to a tournament is best, but if unable to because of a last minute event placement the Internet is second best.  Watch, take notes, and learn!
  • Great for ideas, but... Watching videos are a good source of finding new ideas and for helping your blocking/transitions/etc. when you have no clue what to do.  However, never flat-out steal material.  It is one thing to take one blocking maneuver and use it, or even modify it, but to lift an entire sequence is plagiarism.  Even piecing together a plethora of various parts from multiple Duos is poor form.  Not only does that leave you as an unoriginal thief, it also could not possibly be the best interpretation for your piece.  Every Duo is different, so respect yours for the snowflake it is and interpret your cutting. 
  • Work your Duo first. It's wonderful to get inspiration and ideas from others, but finish interpreting your piece first.  Before your Duo even begins to search the Internet have a clear performance of yours already up and working.  By having a vision for your Duo prior to watching another performance you ensure that your Duo is not muddied with another performance's interpretation and concept.  Again, this will help keep your piece your own and not an impostor of another.

Videos can be an excellent source of inspiration and growth, or they can be a plague slowly killing your piece.  Seek ideas for your Duo from all sources.  Just be careful to retain your personal interpretation and vision. 


Also, if you have performances of any event you wish to share with the Community, please do so by uploading a video to ForCom!