Declamation, Duo, Dramatic Interpretation, Extemporaneous, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Poetry and Prose.

Interpretation Script Considerations

What is possibly the most important component to any Humorous or Dramatic Interpretation (HI/DI)? The script. The basis for all decisions in a performance resort back to the cutting and source material. Why does this character think and act thus? The answer is in the text. Why do the characters have to go to this destination? The answer is back in the pervious scene.

Multiple Characters and Their Interactions

Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation (HI and DI) might have a full cast of characters, but it is up to the one performer to accomplish the feat of getting the audience to suspend disbelief and accept one as many. Frankly, transitions will always be apparent, but the interactions between characters must be seen as plausible and filled with charisma.

How to Cut an Interpretation Piece

Once a performer finds a Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation piece best suited for an individual’s abilities begins the cutting process. Being able to cut a great piece is a skill many might find elusive, but it need not be. Cutting follows the same fundamental “rules” across all events, so while DI and HI are dissimilar in some aspects, the same cutting techniques apply.

The Art of Nonexistent Props: Advanced Guide

The events of Duo, Humorous Interpretation (HI), and Dramatic Interpretation (DI) throw many trials at performers. Lack of direct contact, an inability to move from where one stands, popping between numerous characters, transitioning into multiple scenes with a partner all are givens pending on the event and regional rules. However, one equalizing constant exists: no props are ever allowed.

Character Analysis Questions

To perform honestly and with conviction a performer needs to completely understand who their character is. Interpretation is key, but it cannot happen until analysis is done. A very simple and relatively quick way to begin the process is to fill out a character biography.

Owning the Room

Confidence is a key factor when it comes to selling an idea. It captivates people, it elicits trust from the audience, and it keeps the speech interesting. People enjoy watching someone who feels comfortable in front of others; an awkward, shy presenter succeeds in producing an equally disinterested audience.

Houston Mustangs Gear Up For District Qualifiers


Excitement is in the air for HHS Speech & Debaters who will be competing at regional qualifiers on April 2nd, 2016. Mustangs are preparing for Poetry, Impromptu Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, and TV Broadcast. We can't wait to get a piece of the action in 3 short weeks! The most poised and well-spoken competitors will advance to Tennessee State Finals in Morristown, Tennessee.

Houston Speech Team Wins Awards At Bartlett High Tournament


Houston High School students won two awards for Individual Events (IEs) at the Bartlett Tournament January 30th, 2016. Antonio Scott, a senior, won first place in TV Broadcast. Ashley Lawton, a sophomore and 2015 State Finals competitor, won fourth in Extemporaneous Speaking. Great job Mustangs!

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