TC's Poetry - Jesus and Slam

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"TC Wendling performs a program that hopes to break down religious barriers through humor in the world of slam poetry"

Earlene's Poetry - Human Body

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"Earlene Luellen performs a poetry program celebrating the human body and all of its parts."

Kaybee's Poetry - Black men and Marriage

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"Kaybee Brown performs a program examining the question, "Why are some black men avoiding marriage?"'

"I Am A Nerd"; a poetry program

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"This is my award winning Poetry Interpretation piece inspired solely by YouTube. Without this, this piece would not exist. I also submit this as my humble entry into the discussion of open letters to YouTube.
We are all the same. Fighting the same fight. do not fight your fellow soldiers, fight the man. As Haymitch Abernathy would say, just remember who the enemy is.

A poetry program on the complexity of motherhood

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"Alexandria Murru performs her Forensics speech: A poetry program on the complexity of motherhood."

Amy Poetry

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"Miami Forensics"

Poetry Pieces

Below you will find links to websites with lists of authors, titles, or verse collections.

NOTE: other ways to find poetry listings include doing a browser search for “poetry collections” and variations on that, or even going to Amazon/Barnes&Nobel/ETC. website and looking at the lists people have created of their favorite poems and/or poets.

On-Line Resources

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