Original Oratory

Original Oratory

Top Ten Don’ts of Oratory

Original Oratory is one of the more difficult categories to master due to there being many elements. From the writing, to the memorization, to the presentation, and so forth there are numerous challenges. Adding more complications are the endless approaches and styles used to tackle this event. Some methods of approach work well, and others work to perfection.

The Perfect Introduction

When crafting an Oratory piece, one of the most critical (if not the most critical) element is the introduction. It is important for several reasons. Primarily, the introduction is the first impression a judge and audience obtains of a speaker. Make a poor one and the audience is hard to capture back. A competitor’s strength can been seen within the first thirty seconds of their speech.

The Informative Speech

Informative Speaking might be less done than Persuasive Oratory, but it still requires as much skill. Some of the nuances of Informative Speaking are difficult to overcome if used to the persuasive style, but with a good deal of preparation it can be mastered. The following article will outline a few major differences in the rules of Informative and Persuasive Oratory.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion is the third and final component of an Oratory speech. Of all the elements, this should be the easiest to complete as it is basically a summary of the speech. Yet, it seems to challenge many orators. Orators tend to have difficulty not only knowing when to end their speech but how. Over the next few paragraphs, typical problems that competitors meet will be discussed.

Qualifying for Nationals

Qualifying for the NFL National Tournament is very difficult. With each district only sending two competitors to Nationals (normally), competition is cutthroat. Typically, the two who finish first and second at their District Qualifier are awarded the honor of competing at Nationals. In addition to limited space, district qualifying rules can vary between districts.

Picking a Topic

One of the toughest aspects of the Forensic season for Original Oratory comes right at the beginning – the time when Orators have to finalize their topic. Do not think of this is an overstatement. Choosing a topic for Oratory is quite difficult for many reasons. After looking in books and magazines, or simply thinking for hours, the tendency is to simply choose something and go with it.

Building the Body

The body is one of the most difficult parts of the speech to craft. The body will consist of eight to nine minutes of speaking time, and it determines the depth of a speech. Because there is much that comprises the body of the speech, it will be broken down into three main sections: the three main points, the evidence, and the flare.

The Three Main Points

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