Lincoln-Douglass Debate

Lincoln-Douglass Debate

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Important Philosophies/Philosophers to Know

For those with the intention of having great success in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, there is a commonly accepted set of “key philosophers” which will be seen quite often. While the list could be expanded on forever, ones that every debater need to know for sure are:

How to Win in Cross-Examination

Believe it or not, many rounds can be won (or lost) by the time Cross-Examination is done. Many judges find this to be the most exciting part of the round and pick out their favorite debater at this time; the one they are rooting for secretly and who has a psychological advantage in their mind.

How to Structure a Case

When writing L-D cases, case structure is all important. Commonly called “framework,” this has to do with designing arguments that are presented in the Constructive speech that follow some sort of logical consistency to arrive at the conclusion. Too commonly, debaters will just design arguments as they like them individually, without the idea of any sort of grand scheme to their argumentation.

How to Learn Philosophy

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, traditionally referred to as “Value Debate” is meant to be debated in the abstract, with most resolutions featuring words like “ought,” “just” or “moral” (all of these words imply a general obligation to do or not do something).

How to Have Swagger Like an L-Der

For those who do not listen to T.I. and Jay-Z songs a lot, swagger is defined as, “A bold or arrogant strut; A prideful boasting or bragging.” (For those who do know what song I am referring to, I listened to that song before my last day of competition at L-D Nationals to pump myself up.

How to Give Voting Issues

Whilst there are several legitimate ways to give “Voting Issues” (as proven by the National Forensic League Judging Form where it asks a judge’s preference for such), and different judges will be more adapted to different styles, I shall explain my preference and then go over the second distinct pattern for doing so.

How to Flow & Destroy an L-D Constructive

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate there are countless methods or strategies that one could use to attack an opposing case. One could attack the arguments in matters of importance, lump arguments together, or go straight down the flow (attacking each argument as the opponent said it). With this explanation, I am not attempting to say the “right” way to go about defending against opponent’s arguments.

How to Deal With the Policy-like Style of L-D

As time goes on, Public Forum Debate and Lincoln-Douglas Debate are becoming both quicker and more evidence-based. This is a natural phenomenon in the National Circuit. However, many local circuit competitors do not know how to adapt to this style when they get to NFL Nationals. Bluntly put, I fully believe that this style of Lincoln-Douglas Debate is wrong.

NFL Debate Topic UPDATE (PF December Topic)


2010-2011 Policy Debate Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military and/or police presence in one or more of the following: South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey.


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