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The 2012 Olympics
St. Patrick’s Day
Holidays (in general)
Bar Mitzvahs
New Orleans
Mardi Gras
Haunted House
The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
Guy Faux Day (5th of November) and the Gunpowder Plot
Victorian England
Hunting Season
Animal Shelter

Topics About Events

Every once in a while, a round of Impromptu will be dedicated to different life events that take place throughout the year. Depending on the district, these event type topics could be used once a year to once a tournament. The upside to events is that they are very predictable. Notable occasions including birthdays and holidays are topics which can be prepared for in advance.

How to Use Prep Time

How prep time is used during an Impromptu round will determine how well a competitor does overall. Every second is a precious one, and a speaker has to approach each round with an organized approach. Every one of the five minutes plays a different role, and things such as daydreaming or questioning a speech can ruin the entire round.

Speaking About a Quote

Preparing for a round of Impromptu dealing with quotes can be quite challenging. Quotes can be diversely interpreted, and in some cases are nearly impossible to understand in the first place. But just like Extemporaneous Speaking, there is the option of choosing between three quotes. Therefore, there should be little problem finding a topic that suits personal interests and understanding.

Topics About Objects

The category of objects is broad. Not only do the topics cover a large range of things, but how a speaker can utilize particular topics adds to the array. Objects are random and open to creativity, which is a great environment to be humorous.

Topics About People

In Impromptu there are several areas of topics that will be covered during the course of a tournament. One of the more popular topics is that of people. When prepping and speaking about a person there are some unique challenges and advantages. The major challenge faced is having knowledge of who that person is. If the topic of Margaret Thatcher is drawn, one either knows who she is or not.

Thinking on One’s Feet

This is the ultimate question for Impromptu competitors: “Do I know how to think on my feet?” This is the toughest, yet most necessary, skill that any competitor will ever have to learn. Even after years of practice, the sheer pressure can bring out the worst in competitors and make even the best look like novices. But there are many ways to prevent late season meltdowns.

The Top Ten Don’ts

Impromptu is one of the more straightforward categories (nuances of skill aside), but one of the toughest to gain improvement. Because it is so fast paced, there are some paralyzing mistakes a speaker can make if not careful. In order to be an effective speaker in this event, here is a list of the top ten mistakes to avoid.

The Five Minute Blitzkrieg

Impromptu has to be one of the best categories in Forensics. Almost no one does Impromptu as their primary category, but everyone loves to compete in it. This helps to remove some pressure and loosens speakers, which in turn creates a fun atmosphere. There is also the randomness of the topics that add intrigue.

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