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2014-2015 Back-to-School Forensics Prep!

A new speech and debate season is swiftly approaching. With September around the corner, now is the time to begin prepping for the upcoming season and tournaments. While it might seem early, figuring out some of the nuts-and-bolts before competition begins helps to alleviate stress.

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Hello friends


Hello, since noone has done this yet, I think I will take the liberty of doing so.

First off I would like to thank Mr. David Willams for setting this up, it is a great idea, and how you found this website, I don't know.  

Can young adult literature compete successfully in rounds against adult themed stories (even to Nationals)?

Poker Face


We've all been there.  That moment of OH!  No, not bad speech attire.  Sorry my jacket is in the cleaners.  But total loss of what's my line?  What you just saw was part one of what not to do.  Part two would be vomiting and running away.  No, what you should do in a mishap like that is to be like Lady Gaga...where plastic and lobster headdresses?...and wear y

Should the NDT still make use of First Round At-Large Bids OR should all competitors compete at district qualifiers?

How has speech helped you in real life?


It might just be an extracurricular, but speech can alter your life. How has it influenced yours? And I don't mean like you had to miss a birthday party because of a tourney. Any real changes and impacts.



Hey kids,

Feel free to use this website to supplement the google group and - this might be a particularly valuable resource as you improve your individual event skills.

While encouraged, you are not obligated to participate should you decide not to.

- Nick (the Amazing)

Thanks Guys!


Thanks to all of you for joining the team! I definitely appreciate it and so does the future of our team's page.

Out of curiosity, have any of you kept-up with speech-like activities when you graduated? I got a theatre minor...which is close but not really, haha.



I have not been back to VJA to visit since I graduated in '05. And loads have changed. For instance, the team sponsor has changed. I never thought Ms. Howley would leave that title!

But what I want to know is if a certain team tradition has changed as well. Back in the day, we used to pass our time at tourneys playing Egyptian Rat-Screw. We were boisterous, passionate, and the team that looked like we were having the most fun. We took this game serious. Egyptian Rat-Screw was the tourney within the tourney.

I hope with all my being that this tradition is still thriving.

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