Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking

More Extemporaneous Speaking Resources

Below is information of the leading resources for Extemporaneous Speaking used by those in Extemp. Please note: these sources are available, with most of their coverage, on-line for free. However, a subscription often offers more in-depth coverage. These are just some of the publications available.

Timing is Everything

In any event timing is always a present concern, but many would argue that it becomes more challenging in Extemporaneous Speaking. In Original Oratory and the interpretation events, a competitor gets to practice and perfect the piece’s timing before tournaments. In Congress and Debate, timing is not as difficult because the speech is not expected to be as polished as it is in Extemp.

The Structure of a Speech

Although there is some freedom, the structure of an Extemporaneous speech is much like any other speech; it should be in the standard five-paragraph format. Presence should be established with a strong introduction and then followed with a transition into the body of the speech. Lastly, the conclusion should sum up the speech’s stance and allow for a reiteration of the thesis.

The Perfect Introduction

Like every event in Forensics, the introduction is key to making a first impression in Extemporaneous Speaking. Whether competing in Foreign or Domestic Extemp, a strong, creative introduction is crucial to standing out in a category that is flooded with boring facts and citation. The introduction provides an opportunity to add some life to a very political and serious category.

The Best Sources

With any argument there needs to be substantial sources provided to validate the point being made. The stronger the sources are, the stronger the argument will appear. Extemporaneous speakers cite from various articles and publications, but very few are actually reputable. Without valid sources it does not matter how many citations there are--quality means more than volume.

Organizing the Boxes

Organizing the boxes for Extemporaneous Speaking prep can be a very tricky process. Because the boxes are used by the whole team, and by both Foreign and Domestic Extempers, it presents a challenge on two fronts. First, how should a team organize the boxes? Second, how to accurately update them in such a way where it works to everyone’s advantage?

Best Use of Prep Time

Prep time in Extemporaneous Speaking is the most valuable time of the round. Thirty minutes go by very quickly, and only those who manage their resources will do well. Over the course of this article prep time will be broken down into what should be done and how long it should take.

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