Duo Overview, Pieces and Advice.

Excelling In Duo: An Advanced Guide

With a great partner, a well-suited piece and some dedicated rehearsing, Duo Interpretation can be one of the most rewarding events in speech competition.

Duo: Structure and Rules

Duo is structured that you and your partner cut a published, printed work from either plays, short stories, or novels—although, plays tend to be easier source material to search through. An introduction is written to be delivered during competition. You and your partner will go to a tournament, compete in your three rounds, and possibly compete at finals if you break.

Duo: Overview

An official event of the National Forensic League, National Catholic Forensics League, and the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association, Duo is shall we say popular? In this two-person event, the partners interpret and perform a selection from a literary work (play, poem, short story) in a ten minute time frame.

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