Declamation Overview, Pieces and Advice

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Vocalization in Declamation

Analysis and interpretation may be the tools necessary to figure out what the purpose of a speech and its parts are, but it is through the use of vocals that the energy expended from analysis meets fruition. Vocals, when paired with physicality of course, is the device through which a speaker can convey their interpretation of the speech.

The Basics For Expert Speaking: Projection and Articulation

In any speaking event, understanding the basics behind what makes for strong speaking skills is essential. Writing a speech, researching a topic, and memorizing the words for delivery can only carry a speaker so far in a round. Even with great interpretation skills, if a speaker does not know how to speak then their talents will remain hidden.

Gestures and Blocking in a Speech

Vocalization can only advance a Declamation speech to a certain point in competition. Vocals are important, but there is much more to speech delivery. Physicality for instance is a main component that helps influence the overall quality of the piece.

The Multiple Genres of Declamation Pieces

Although the National Forensic League does not list rules for Declamation, the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) does. The rules are fairly simple, but what is intriguing is the openness of what constitutes a Declamation.

Utilizing Humor in Declamation

Declamation is an event were genres are not pre-determined. There are no rules stating that a speech must be dramatic in nature to be used in the event. Inversely, there are no regulations that stipulate a speech must be comedic. Further still, the two genres are not forbidden to be mingled into a dramedy.

Declamation: Analysis and Interpretation

A speech is nothing without a compelling performance. Even the most wonderfully written speeches can be turned into boring recitations without strong speaking skills. In order to be capable of delivering a polished, moving speech a speaker must first understand the text. To do that, good analysis and interpretation skills are necessary.

Portraying Conviction in Declamation

Audiences enjoy a piece with purpose. People like to know that what they recently observed meant something and has meaning; otherwise, everyone's valuable time is wasted. An important element of presenting a piece with conviction is believing in the words. When a performer believes in the words, conviction and confidence come naturally.

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