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Air conditioning Energy Saving Tips


It costs you additional money and uses much more power to heat and cool the home of yours than any other system in your place. Often, 44 % to 50 % of the energy bills of yours pays for heating and cooling the home of yours.

Way too Hot in the summer? Try a Handy Cooler!


Do you reside in a hot, dry weather and also think it is challenging to get help from the heat? Do you want to cut costs on the electricity of yours along with other utility bills? If you do, think about investing in a handy fresh air cooler to supply you with immediate relief. It is able to cool the environment by as much as 30 degrees on any given day.

Is a GE Portable Air conditioner the best Bet For Cooling The Room of yours?


The GE Portable Air conditioner has a great deal of contenders in the portable cooling market, hence we needed to get hold of an analysis of what it compares.

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