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Chinese Herbal Medicines Due to the Common Cold


We've all noticed it said "We can land spaceships on Mars, but can't even cure the common cold." The cold appears to be a humbling curse that's mankind's burden forever.

Herbal Medicine - Effective and inexpensive Healthcare Alternatives


Health and medicine are typical topics in the news everyday. Prescription drugs cost too much for many of us to afford in a quality season, but with the economic system using so many problems right now things tend to be worse than normal.

Natural Herbal Supplements - Healing is simply a Swallow Away


These days, eighty % of the earth's population depends on plants to treat common ailments. Ancient cultures may not have known exactly why some herbs worked, but they knew which plants created the desired effects.

How Alternative Are Herbal Remedies?


Herbal remedies are classified as alternate medicines, but exactly how alternative in reality are they?

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