What is roulette online and the rules of the game

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The main types of entertainment at online casinos are roulette, slots and card games. More detail should focus on roulette. It's hard to say about when it appeared, but because of the high popularity in regular gambling clubs could be in virtual institutions. These days, roulette online for free is in steady demand among gamblers. If you are lucky in it, you can win a lot of money. Offered virtual roulette in three main varieties:

  • American;
  • European;

In general, they differ in some features, which you can learn about below.
American Roulette
Having opened it in a virtual casino, it will be possible to see on the screen a drum with black and red sectors. On each sector there is a certain number. In total, there are 38 of them. Two sectors are reserved for zero. They stand out against the background of the other numbers due to the green background. It is believed that the American roulette is considered less winning. But, in contrast, it allows you to play a more varied strategy. This is largely made possible by betting on zeros. The percentage of return on American roulette is a little less than 95%.
European Roulette
It is considered a classical roulette. The founder of the French roulette is Francois Blanc. It is believed that he left only one zero, increasing the players' chances to get a big win. Thus, instead of 38 values of numbers there are only 37. The player has to bet on one or more values. Online roulette allows you to fill the whole field, but this option is initially unprofitable. Decides all the ball, which stops in one of the sectors. In case of coincidence values gambler gets a win, multiplied by 37 times. Percentage return on European roulette reaches 97%. This figure can not boast many slots from famous developers.
French Roulette
A special kind of roulette among these types of roulette is the French version. In terms of external parameters it practically does not differ from European and American roulette. All the same reel and the field with sector values. Speaking of which, there is only one zero. The main feature of French roulette is that if you hit zero, the player does not forfeit the entire bet amount. The online casino takes only half of it. French Roulette has a payout percentage of 98%. It would seem that it promises big winnings. But they can be limited by a number of rules of the virtual club.
Rules of online roulette
Having learned to play at least one type of roulette, a player can successfully play other types of this game of chance. The whole point of the game is to guess the value that will take the ball when the drum stops. For the biggest winnings can count on the gamblers https://casinologin.mobi/best-mobile-casinos/ who guessed the right number. There are 37 options to choose from, including zero if it is European roulette. The multiplier is 1 to 37 or 38.
But, guessing the number is very, very difficult. The winnings will be increased only 2 times, if the gambler correctly guesses the color. The choice of fields in two shades - red and black. A similar win awaits in case of guessing an even or odd number. If zero falls out, it will be considered a green field. Bet in this case remains a virtual institution. You can also bet on a dozen. There are 3 groups of dozens to choose from. This is a more risky bet, but it is already paid by a multiplier of x3.
Before you start playing online roulette for real money, it is recommended to master it in demo mode. Incidentally, there are several strategies to increase your chances of winning the game. The most popular strategy is the Martingale strategy. Pay attention to the fact that it does not guarantee a hundred percent victory. Following this strategy, in case of failure, you can lose a large sum of money.
Some online casinos have a mode Live. It gamers can play with live dealers, which gives realism to the gameplay.